Interview Of Marcus Hardwood about Method Teaming

Marcus Harwood applies his ability to determine the type of intellect of any individual to assembling powerful teams.

 Interview of Charles Lumpkin about Advertising on Social Media

Charles Lumpkin is Vice President of Product Management and Innovation at BLiNQ Media in Atlanta which is a leader in advertising on social media websites such as Facebook.

Interview of Udaiyan (U.J.) Jatar About Building an Iconic Brand

Mr. Jatar, an expert on marketing, focuses on the dynamics of creating “iconic brands.”  In this interview he talks about the difference between a merely “great” brand and an “iconic” brand and what it takes to create an iconic brand.

Interview of Ken Leebow, Writer

Ken Leebow is an author who, over the past 3 years, has drilled deeply into the relationship between diet and health.  In this interview he exposes the myths about and clarifies the options regarding healthy eating.


Interview of Hall Martin

Mr. Martin is the director of the Game Funding Forum based in Austin, Texas.  In this interview he describes his novel approach for helping video game developers find investors.


Transcripts of Interviews For Business to Business Magazine

Interview of Teri Denison about the Small Business Administration

Interview of Bill Thompson about the Film, Music and Digital  Entertainment Office of the Georgia Department of Economic Development


Interview of Lance Weatherby about the Advanced Technology Development Center at Georgia Tech

Interview of Knox Massey  about the Atlanta Technology Angels

Interview of Prof. Mark Braunstein, MD

Mark Braunstein is a recognized authority on heathcare policies and systems.  In this interview, taken in late 2009, among many other things, Dr. Braunstein addresses the reasons for  the high cost and relatively low quality of medical care for people with chronic illnesses in the United States.

Interview of Said Mohammadioun, Venture Capitalist

Said Mohammadioun was a successful serial entrepreneur and is now a founding partner and the manager of a venture capital firm.    In this interview, which took place in 2008, Mr. Mohammadioun talks about the type of investments he is looking for and related matters including what he likes to see in a business plan.

Interview of Stephen Fleming, Commercializing Research

Stephen Fleming has been a research engineer and a venture capitalist.  When this interview was conducted in 2009, Stephen was responsible for facilitating commercialization of research at Georgia Tech.  Soon after this interview he was promoted to be the Vice Provost at Georgia  Tech responsible for overseeing all business support activities.

Interview of Bill Bulpitt, Energy Analyst

Bill Bulpitt has been an engineer in the energy and environmental fields for many years.  At the time of this interview, in 2009, he was the senior engineer with the Strategic Energy Institute at Georgia Tech.  The SDI was charged with promoting energy research.   Mr. Bulpitt discusses the merits and difficulties associated with obtaining energy from various sources
including coal, diesel, oil, nuclear and ethanol from various  sources.

Interview of Penelope Prime, Economist, on China

Penny Prime is an Economics Professor at Mercer University in Atlanta.  She speaks fluent Mandarin visits China often and is an expert on the Chinese economy.  This interview occurred in the fall of 2009.

Interview of Bankruptcy Expert

In this interview, that also took place in 2009, a very well respected and recognized bankruptcy insider explains much of how bankruptcy law works.  This interview is located at:


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